Tecno Italia Orbassano




We show our new digital tool.

Our strengths are:

  • Connection cable section reduce to 50%
  • Led Ring with 4 configurable color
  • Double configurable switch
  • Vibration and sound for instant feedback for tightening results
  • Digital communication with controller
  • 1 millions cycles maintenance-free

The digital has degun. Let's keep up!


I'd like to introduce you our new CELLCORE CLECO screwdrivers.

Their points of strength are:

CM / CMK guaranteed up to 500k cycles
Very light weight
Large graphic display for programming
New compact management controller
Guaranteed fall of 1.5 meters
CM / CMK greater than 2 to +/- 10%

Compatible with Global Controller units (MPRO400GC and MPRO200GC)

TECNO ITALIA was founded in 1996 as a distributor of the Cooper Power tools tightening systems.

Since the beginning MIBA have turned to the customers trying to understand their needs and proposing ourselves as a partner for their assembly problems solution.

With our current structure, today we are able to cover all the requirements related to screwing starting from the single workstation to the management of specific plant reporting, combined with the whole range of products we distribute in order to guarantee a 360° support to all our Customers.

MIBA is the sole holder of the use of the THOR brand.

Since 2002, MIBA has specialized mainly into designing, construction, assembly and testing of equipment for handling in each and every industrial sectors.

Since 2006 MIBA became the exclusive distributor for EEPOS products in Italy and boasts numerous collaborations with the most prestigious industrial screwdrivers manufacturers